Comfort Elite II

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Comfort Elite II Floorplan   Comfort Elite II Exterior
Comfort Elite II Interior   Comfort Elite II Interior   Comfort Elite II Interior

The Comfort Elite II, is one of our most popular models, featuring two fully self-contained private restrooms. This mobile restroom is perfect for small events, up to 100 guests. There are Two individual restroom stations with each containing a sink, porcelain pedal flushing toilets, porcelain wall hanging urinal on the men's side, mirror, soap & paper dispensers, automatic air-freshener dispensers and a LED porch light & occupancy indicator on the outside entrance of each entry. Each restroom station offers 100% privacy.


Access to a main power source within fifty feet of the front of the trailer location consisting of one 20-amp, 110 volt dedicated electrical outlet. Failure to provide the electrical requirements may damage the air-conditioning and heating unit. If it is determined that the electrical supply is inadequate, the electrical box controlling the air-conditioning and heating units will be padlocked and the air-conditioner and heater will not be available for usage.

For an additional fee, A Royal Flush can provide whisper quiet generators to provide power for the trailers and a water source if these items are not available on site.