Fancy Flush

Fancy Flush

The “Fancy Flush” Portable Toilets are perfect for gatherings or jobs where a full sized restroom trailer is not needed. Each deluxe single unit restroom is equipped with a stainless steel toilet, a handwashing sink, a paper towel dispenser, trash receptacle, storage for 5 toilet paper rolls, and a mirror. Features such as these make the “Fancy Flush” perfect for weddings, graduation parties, family reunions or simply a gathering that requires affordable restroom facilities. Although it is not air-conditioned it is the most comfortable “porta-potty” in the market.


There are no power requirements for this unit. This is a zero-emission unit and is our most eco-friendly option . The the flushable toilet and the fresh water sink faucet are powered by a foot-activated bulb on the floor. And the ceiling light is powered by Solar panel.



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