A Royal Flush Transforming San Antonio Events

January 26, 2024

When it comes to hosting events, especially those as significant as weddings and fundraisers, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is the restroom situation. Fortunately, for Jane Morgan, Laura Jorgensen, and Robert Oliver, their event worries were alleviated by the seamless and luxurious services we provided. Read their customer stories and discover how A Royal Flush transformed their San Antonio event.

Jane Morgan: A Ranch Wedding Extravaganza

Jane and her partner were hosting a rustic-chic ranch wedding weekend, and they wanted every detail to reflect the charm of the Texas landscape. That’s where A Royal Flush stepped in. Jane recounts, “We had a wonderful experience with A Royal Flush for our ranch wedding weekend! The equipment was BRAND NEW and performed just as advertised.”

The A Royal Flush team not only delivered a pristine unit promptly to their ranch but also set it up with precision. Jane notes the professionalism of the attendant, saying, “The attendant was lovely and professional. Seamless, professional, and top quality throughout the weekend – we never had to give it a moment’s thought – just how it should be. Highly recommend that you work with them!”

Laura Jorgensen: A Camping Festival Wedding

For Laura Jorgensen, planning a weekend-long camping festival wedding required careful consideration of facilities. A Royal Flush came highly recommended by their wedding venue, and Laura couldn’t be happier with the decision. “We rented the Selena trailer for our weekend-long camping festival wedding, and the whole experience from first contact to last pick up was very smooth and easy,” she shares.

Attendees of Laura’s wedding praised the restroom trailer as the “nicest and most comfortable” they’d ever used. Laura appreciated the discrete and helpful attendants provided for their main event and the mid-week sewage pump service. “On top of everything, it was the most affordable quote that we got with the largest selection of trailers to choose from. We really highly recommend them!”

Robert Oliver: “Taste of the Trail” Fundraising Event

For a biennial fundraising event like the “Taste of the Trail” hosted by the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum, having reliable and top-tier restroom facilities is crucial. Robert Oliver, a representative of the museum, emphasizes the transformation their events underwent when they switched to A Royal Flush.

“We relied on the typical ‘port-a-potties’ until about ten years ago when we discovered ‘A Royal Flush.’ Their service and portable facilities far surpass any other temporary restroom accommodations that I have experienced,” says Robert. The board and staff at CTHM highly recommend A Royal Flush for their restroom trailers, citing cleanliness and exceptional service.

In the world of luxury portable restrooms, A Royal Flush isn’t just meeting expectations; they’re exceeding them. These stories from satisfied customers showcase how A Royal Flush has become a staple in elevating the restroom experience at events across San Antonio, ensuring guests remember the luxury as much as the occasion itself.

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