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5 Surprising Facts About Portable Luxury Bathrooms 
Not only are these bathrooms stylish and comfortable, but they also come with a range of benefits that will make your next event go smoother than ever before. Here are 5 things you may not know about these special mobile bathrooms.
Luxury Restroom Trailer vs. Porta-Potty: Which Should You Choose For Your Event? 
January 13, 2023
When organizing an event, there are countless decisions to be made. Choosing the right restroom facility for your guests is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make.
Portable Restrooms for Corporate Remodels
October 3, 2022
Remodeling your office can be a stressful task, especially if you have to deal with plumbing and sanitary issues. Having portable restrooms onsite during the construction will keep the job site clean and safe for everyone involved in the project. Here are some of our best portable toilets for corporate bathroom remodels
Luxury Bathrooms For Weddings
September 30, 2022
Our portable restroom trailers offer an elegant experience for both men and women. Each unit is climate-controlled to keep your guests comfortable, and at your request, A Royal Flush may provide an attendant to ensure outstanding customer service during your event.