& Special occasions

Wedding Planners have looked to A Royal Flush for their mobile restroom needs for over 20 years. Our logistics team works with you to efficiently drop off and pick up the most ideal trailer for your number of guests, and handles the entire set-up and break-down process so you can focus on the things that matter. It is A Royal Flush’s mission to provide a minimalistic trailer that will not take away from the aesthetics of your wedding, and to do so with an attendant standing by so your guests can get the utmost quality service.

Corporate Events

From ground breaking ceremonies to company parties, we can handle gatherings big and small and in the most remote locations too. All occasions deserve a tasteful restroom solution. We help to ensure that even your most discerning guests are comfortable in a mobile restroom that seamlessly blends class and functionality. A Royal Flush takes the stress out of any situation by handling all logistics, from drop-off to pick-up and even keeping the restroom tidy during your event. Our goal is to allow you to plan, setup and enjoy your event with ease.

Outdoor Sporting Events

When it comes to sporting events, our drivers have the precision and the know how to install trailers properly and safely on a wide variety of sporting fields. Our ability to provide our own water and power source where there is none, allows us to place multiple restroom trailers evenly across large areas. This not only allows spectators to move around freely, without ever being too far from a restroom, but it also helps keep your event congestion-free. 

Emergencies & Remodels

A Royal Flush has provided temporary mobile restrooms to commercial clients since 2001. Amidst corporate remodeling, renovations, or emergencies, companies come to us to supply a suitable bathroom for employees, clients, and patrons alike. When the highest degree of quality is required, there is no better solution than a climate-controlled mobile restroom that is designed and maintained by A Royal Flush.

Medical Pop-ups

In light of a global pandemic that constantly presents new challenges for the healthcare industry, medical pop-ups have become an increasingly popular and efficient way to help tend to patients who require rapid care. As many of these locations grow in scope and size, A Royal Flush is able to provide outdoor restrooms that are not only comfortable and sanitary, but also private and spacious for medical staff to change in and out of their scrubs.


With repeat customers for over 20 years, A Royal Flush has excellent experience in providing outstanding service for the most unique types of venues. Events at short-term rentals such as Airbnb’s, are rapidly increasing in popularity, but these unique locations are often dwellings that are not equipped to handle never-ending flushes. A Royal Flush removes any need for worry by meeting directly with property owners ahead of time, in order to ensure your special occasion remains plunger-free. Call us today for a free site-visit!

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When you’re standing in A Royal Flush trailer, it’s easy to forget that this bathroom is on wheels. Each unit is climate controlled to keep your guests comfortable, and at your request. Get your free quote today.

Ready to Rent?

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