Luxury Bathrooms For Weddings

Weddings are the most important day of your life. So why not ensure that everything is perfect? The last thing that you want is to have your guests running around looking for a bathroom when they need it the most, and you certainly don’t want them using one of our most hated phrases: a portapotty. That’s where we come in. Our portable restroom trailers offer an elegant experience for both men and women. Each unit is climate-controlled to keep your guests comfortable, and at your request, A Royal Flush may provide an attendant to ensure outstanding customer service during your event.

Experience the convenience and elegance of VIP restroom trailers at your wedding celebration.

If you’re planning a wedding reception, you’ll want to choose the best VIP restroom trailers for your guests. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor celebration or an indoor one, high-end restroom trailers are the ideal way to keep your guests comfortable and happy. Here are some considerations when choosing the right ones:

Access to a main power source within fifty feet of the rear of the trailer location consisting of two 20-amp, 110 volt dedicated electrical outlets on separate circuits. Failure to provide the electrical requirements may damage the air-conditioning and heating units. If it is determined that the electrical supply is inadequate, the electrical box controlling the air-conditioning and heating units will be padlocked and the air-conditioner and heater will not be available for usage. *An additional dedicated 20 amp outlet is required for all trailers if A Royal Flush is providing water. These electrical and water requirements are “per trailer”. All restroom facilities used must be placed on level or near level ground. For an additional fee, A Royal Flush can provide whisper quiet generators to provide power for the trailers as well as water if neither are available on site. 

You’ll also want to determine how many restrooms you’ll need based on how many guests are attending as well as what kind of party it is—if you’re guests are going to be drinking, you might need an additional trailer (wink wink). 

Here are some of our most popular wedding trailers:

  • Susan
  • Selena
  • Iza
  • Luza Lena

Looking for the very best in private luxury portable restrooms for your nuptials? You’ve come to the right place.

At A Royal Flush, we take pride in providing our customers with only the finest portable restroom products and services. Our company offers a wide variety of high-quality portable restroom products that can be configured to meet your needs, complete with some of the following features:

  • Air-Conditioned & Heated
  • Porcelain Flushing Toilets
  • Paper & Soap Dispenser & Trash Receptacle
  • Automatic Air-Freshener Dispenser
  • Sinks with a Vanity Mirrors
  • Private Stalls

Whether you’re looking for a single-stall restroom trailer, or one with multiple restrooms, all of them make any guest forget that this trailer is on wheels! Our luxury portable restrooms feature fixtures that are best in class, not just among other portable restrooms but also nearly equal to permanent fixtures in up-scale homes.

In addition to our many standard portable restroom products, we also offer a wide variety of high-quality portable restroom products, featuring fixtures that are best in class, not just among other portable restrooms but also nearly equal to permanent fixtures in up-scale homes.

We Deliver and Pick up Rental Trailers to Your Wedding Venue

At A Royal Flush, we’ve always said that you can call us at any time, day or night…and we mean it! Our business is built on trust, dependability, and the relationships that we build with our clients. A Royal Flush goes to great lengths to ensure that your needs are met. From your first quote request to the moment we pick up the trailer, our team is here for you. One of our team members is on standby to answer your questions at all times, and with the ability to provide an attendant for any event, we can promise the utmost quality and care for you and your guests.

Give us a call and plan ahead so that your patrons are comfortable when nature calls!

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