Anne Marie

Anne Marie

The “Anne Marie” two station mobile restroom trailer is perfect for small to medium sized gatherings. It features Air Conditioning & Heat. It has spacious, fully-private interiors . It features graffiti resistant walls, trendy wood laminate flooring, porcelain toilets as well as one urinal in the men’s, soap & paper dispensers, automatic air-freshener dispensers and LED porch lights. It also has a 180 gallon fresh water tank and a 400 gallon waste holding tank for maximum capability.


Access to a main power source within fifty feet of the rear of the trailer location consisting of two 20-amp, 110 volt dedicated electrical outlets on separate circuits. Failure to provide the electrical requirements may damage the air-conditioning and heating units. If it is determined that the electrical supply is inadequate, the electrical box controlling the air-conditioning and heating units will be padlocked and the air-conditioner and heater will not be available for usage. *An additional dedicated 20 amp outlet is required for all trailers if A Royal Flush is providing water. These electrical and water requirements are “per trailer”. All restroom facilities used must be placed on level or near level ground. For an additional fee, A Royal Flush can provide whisper quiet generators to provide power for the trailers as well as water if neither are available on site.

AMENITIES – Women’s side

AMENITIES – Men’s side

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